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American Cockroach

American Cockroach | Water Bug

  • American Cockroaches prefer night time activities they are nocturnal.
  • American cockroaches prefer humid warm, dark, wet areas, like crawlspaces and attics.
  • The American Cockroach “Water bug” can fly.
  • The American Cockroaches can grow between 1 to 2 inches in length.
  • American Cockroach is reddish-dark brown in color with two yellow strip behind the head.
  • Female American Cockroaches will produce 100 -150 babies a year.
  • American Cockroaches are very fast runners.
  • They rather live outside, nesting in pine straw and other wet decaying matter.
  • They will eat just about anything, hair, paper, dead animals, decaying matter, ect.
  • They can squeeze in cracks and crevices as thin as a quarter.

Best way to Get Rid of American Cockroach !

Is to Call Us.

American Cockroaches can enter your home around plumbing pipes, Window an doors cracks and crevices, in bags or boxes, and vents.  Water Bugs are nocturnal, so when you see a roach during daylight hours, that probably means there are many more hiding in some dark hidden area.

Roaches have a life cycle that includes egg, nymph, and adult, so treating for cockroach infestations is an on-going process.

If you suspect a American cockroach infestation, call us us immediately, we are very familiar with the methods necessary to eliminate your roach infestation, so call us when you see the first signs of cockroaches in your home or business. As one of Pitt County, North Carolina top pest control companies, we are the roach exterminating  experts.


If you spot an American cockroach on your property, call D & D Pest Control Co. today for the most efficient indoor and outdoor cockroach removal in the Pitt County, North Carolina area!

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Our pest technicians are both the training and have first-hand experience to correctly identify and eradicating any roach infestation you may have. Properly identifying the insect is the first step in making your home or business roach free.

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For professional pest extermination in the Greenville, Winterville, Ayden, Grifton, North Carolina area, call D & D Pest Control Co. at (252)523-8255  Or fill out a contact form for quick, effective Cockroach eradication in Pitt County North Carolina.