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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Treatment - Greenville, NC 27858


No homeowner  wants to admit to having bed bugs in Greenville, North Carolina area. Bed bugs are known to be associated with low-income conditions and unsanitary homes, and filthy motel rooms, but bed bugs don’t discriminate.

Bed Bugs are hitch hikers, they will hitch a ride on your cloths, luggage bags, in boxes or bags. They can be pickup at motel / hotels, taxis, restaurants, schools, day cares and theaters, and invade your home.

The first sign of bed bugs is generally it’s itchy bites that are in clusters or in lines, these welts resemble flea bite or mosquito bites.

After this happens, your next step is to look for visible live bed bugs and smeared fecal matter on the beds.  They will also shed their exoskeletons.

Bed Bug Identification: 

bed bug / bed bugs identification 

  • They are tiny reddish-brown flat bugs.
  • They are parasite – blood sucking insects.
  • Bed Bugs are nocturnal – feed mostly at night
  • They will lay their eggs in mattress seams.
  • They can be found in any room of the house in bed frames, dressers, baseboards, luggage / suitcases, backpacks, or chairs and couches.
  • Female bed bug will lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime.
  • Eggs will hatch in about ten days.

Body warmth and carbon dioxide from human breath lure them out from their cracks and crevices so they can feed in the night while you sleep. Then, after their blood meal, they return to their cracks and crevice to wait for their next feeding.

Our Bed Bug Treatment | Eradication

If you are a homeowner in Greenville and Winterville, NC area, the risk of getting bed bugs is high. Each time a person enters your home, they come with boxes or luggage and other items that could carry bed bug hitchhikers that will invade your beds, couches, and carpets.

D & D Pest Control Co. of Eastern North Carolina is your answer to a good night’s sleep. If you have bed bugs, don’t be embarrassed to call us, you treatment will remain confidential.

D & D Pest Control Co. will eradicate bed bugs in your home, motel / hotel, or rental property.

D & D Pest Control Co. will inspect your home for this parasites and apply our advanced eradication extermination treatment and practices including crack & crevice fogging and mattress encasement.  Our Bed bug treatment is safe for children and pets.


If you have these parasites in your home or commercial property in the Greenville, Winterville, ECU, Farmville, Ayden, Grifton, Grimesland and Snow Hill areas.

Call D & D Pest Control Co. of Eastern North Carolina.