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Why you need a crawlspace Dehumidifier

Crawlspace Moisture Problems

Crawlspace moisture is conducive to Mold, Wood Decay and Termites.

The air in your crawlspace will travel through-out your home thanks to a condition called the “stack effect“. That means if you control the moisture under your crawlspace you reduce moisture through-out home.

Stack effect video 

Prevent Mold & Wood Decay

Mold spores only spread in wet environments, such has wet crawlspaces. By control the moisture under your home your reduce the risk of mold on the interior of your home.

Indoor air quality

Living in a extremely humid house can actually lead to poor indoor air quality, such as respiratory problems or mold toxicity.

Pest and insects are attracted to moisture, therefore reducing the crawlspace moisture level in your home will deter pests from entering.

Benefits of installing a Crawlspace Dehumidifier

Crawlspace dehumidifiers have a benefit of making your living environment more comfortable. No one enjoys living in a home the is muggy, damp and clammy.

Preparing and maintaining the crawlspace

  • Clean all trash and debris littering your crawlspace.
  • D & D Pest Control Co. will make a complete evaluation of all moisture conditions associated with your home from water intrusion to leaks in plumbing pipes. We will also help you find the right professional to repair these problems.
  • Once the water intrusion and plumbing problems are repaired, it’s now time to seal the crawlspace. For your dehumidifier to be able to function properly, all crawlspace foundation vents must be sealed.
  • Lastly D & D Pest Control Co. will install a moisture / vapor barrier under your crawlspace area.  A moisture barrier is made of heavy duty plastic like polyurethane (6 mil is recommended) that covers 100% of the ground completely.  Seams should overlap by at least 12 inches.
Manufacturers Warranty:
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts
  • 3 Year Warranty on Refrigeration Circuit
  • 5 Year Warranty on Refrigeration Circuit


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