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Our Flea Control Treatment breaks the flea cycle

For professional flea control and flea extermination in the Greenville / ECU Pitt County North Carolina area, contact us today by filling out the contact form below for a fast response or call us at: 252-752-9141.

Flea Cycle – In any flea infestation there are four stages of the flea life cycle present: The eggs, larva, cocoon, and adult. While the adult is the most visible stage of the flea development, it accounts for only 1 % of a typical infestation.
Adult female fleas feed then lay their eggs on a host. Their eggs make up 34% of the infestation. Flea eggs fall off the host into carpets and upholstery where they hatch into worm-like larvae after 1-10 days. Larvae make up the majority of a flea population as much as 57%. After feeding for 5 -11 days, they begin to produce silk like cocoon and enter the pupil stage. New adults fleas usually emerge from the pupil stage in 8 days.

Flea Control Treatment

We apply quick knockdown – long lasting insecticide to all carpeted areas in the home. Start in areas with the heaviest infestation. We spray all carpets thoroughly. We also treat upholstered furniture, pet beds and resting areas.

The Flea Control Process

Flea control treatment process goes directly to the heart of the flea infestation for long lasting and highly effective flea control, interrupting the life cycle of the flea at the larvae state. This prevents the living and breeding of future generations of fleas in your home. Flea control process is designed to go where the problem is, deep into the carpets, and stay there to give continued flea control. All products are EPA registered and North Carolina state registered.

Important Tips:
1. Vacuum carpets thoroughly before treatment – discarding vacuum bag.
2. Do not shampoo carpets for at least one year. Spot cleaning is permissible.
3. Wash all pet bedding in hot water.
4. Try to remove fleas from your pets. During the first couple of weeks, you may need to shampoo your pets more than usual.
5. Build a flea monitoring trap, place a bowl of water beneath a night light. Fleas are attracted to the light and will jump into the bowl of water. By using this method you will be able to watch your fleas slowly disappear.
6. Your yard is the most important area you will treat. Additional cost will apply for yard treatments.

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