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Honey Bee Removal

Honey Bee Removal – Greenville, NC 27858


Honey Bee Swarm removal and colony extraction Service

Swarms are bees that are hanging from a tree branch or other item, as seen in the picture. Swarm removals are easy as long as the swarm is accessible. Cost is minimal, usually “FREE”. Example – bush or tree removal.

Colony extraction involves removing bees that have taken up residence inside a home’s wall or other structure. Extraction is the only way to effectively remove the bees, stopping any further damage to your home.

Many people who want to stop bees from accessing their home, spray the entry point, and then plug the area, not realizing the possible damage for years to come. Honeybee colonies can reach numbers as high as 100,000 bees. Bees can also pack away hundreds of pounds of honey inside building walls. To simply spray the hole and plug it up means there will now be thousands of rotting bees inside the wall. And the honey will attract insects for years to come, with potentially devastating damage to your homes interior structure. Extractions may involve removing part of the wall to properly remove the bees. And the time involved to do the job correctly could last many hours. Price increases from there depending on travel, time, and difficulty of the job. We will work with the homeowner to minimize any structure damage in removing the bees. But any repair work beyond simple tasks, will require the homeowner to call a handyman or contractor.

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