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Termite Pre-treatments

Termite Pre-treatment Greenville, NC 27858

Residential & Commercial Pre-treatments

Building construction employs several different types of foundations. Each type requires special treatment measures in order to achieve effective termite control.

Many people believe that a building constructed on a slab are free from attacks by termites. The fact is, this type of construction is especially vulnerable. And all three types of slab construction (monolithic, supported, and floating) offer many opportunities for termites to enter. Expansion joints, cracks due to aging or settling, and minute gaps around plumbing are just a few.

Homes built on crawlspaces require treatment of the inside soil perimeter, wall voids, chimneys, all supporting piers, and the soil outside.

During construction phase of a new home, pretreatment occurs after the grading and back-filling has been done. It should be done after the gravel and sand is put down. The primary thing to remember is not to shift the soil after it has been treated. Shifting the soil breaks the barrier formed by the chemical, which prevents termites for intruding.

Standard Procedures:

  • Treat around inside foundation wall
  • Treat around supporting piers & pipes
  • Treat around footings and critical areas
  • Treat ground before slabs are poured, patios, garages, porches, steps, ect.
  • Treat around the structure after all construction is complete and after all landscaping is complete.


We generally request 24-hour advance notification for the scheduling of pre-treats. However, most of the time we are able to respond faster if we have a technician in the area.  Tom Cell phone number is 1-252-531-0621