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Bed Bugs

  No homeowner  wants to admit to having bed bugs in Greenville, North Carolina area. Bed bugs are known to be associated with low-income conditions and unsanitary homes, and filthy motel rooms, but bed bugs don’t discriminate. Bed Bugs are hitch hikers, they will hitch a ride on your cloths, luggage bags, in boxes or […]

Bed Bugs Greenville, NC 27858

Bed Bugs – Blood Sucking Parasites Greenville, NC

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Bed Bugs: Blood sucking Parasites by Nick Gromicko Bed bugs are small, flightless, rust-colored parasites that feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals. Inspectors should learn the telltale signs of these pests and be capable of providing information to their clients.  Bed bugs were diminished to an historical footnote after their near-eradication […]

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Treatment | Inspection – Greenville, NC 27858

Bed Bug Treatment | Inspection for Greenville, NC 27858 Bed bugs are making a comeback in Greenville, Winterville, NC, area big-time, and can be found just about anywhere. Hotels, schools, day cares, rental properties, No one really knows why bed bugs have returned, but these little bugs are determined to stick around. Although bed bugs […]